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Why I Do This: A Bowl, or a Metaphor

He said, “This bowl was made from Australian Ash that was blown down in Hurricane Ike.  Most of us would call it trash wood, but I cut a few pieces, waited a few… Continue reading

Making a Makerspace: Planning the Steamworks

This fall, I move into a brand-spanking new classroom.  As part of this move, I’ve been heavily involved in the planning, organizing and logistics of moving my school’s Math & Science program into… Continue reading

Community Watch: Build A Box!

Eight students, six boxes built and finished.  It was a long day in the shop – nearly seven hours with only a few breaks for liquids.  I can  think of a number of… Continue reading

Why I Do This: Monday Nights

Why I do this is a continuing series of…ahhh…editorials.  If you don’t like ’em, check out my projects!  I do a lot of woodworking here, but I do more teaching in real-life.  Teaching,… Continue reading

Why I Do This: Well-Being

This is why my school approaches the whole child, stressing social connections for students with neurological differences as well as academics.  You can’t have one without the other as an adult.  Having approached… Continue reading

Why I Do This: Invest in Teaching and the Return on Adventure

I think we need a new measurement for tracking the success of our maker ventures, a new yardstick. I propose “Return on Adventure” via MAKE | Maximizing Your ROA (Return on Adventure). There’s… Continue reading

This Week in the Classroom: Math Effect 2012

My job description will change a little this year: I’m a full-blooded, fully functioning math/sci teacher.  Less woodshop, more classroom projects.  And speaking of classroom projects:   You can recognize a school that… Continue reading

Someone Got Me to Play in the Shop Today

I can use this too right?

This Week in the Classroom: It’s that Kind of Day

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