Patrick Waters is an award-winning educator who brings the Maker Movement to new audiences.  He founded The STEAMworks, a makerspace for individuals with neurological differences at The Monarch Institute in Houston, TX.  He is one of the few Maker Education teachers focused on special needs students.  He has written on Maker Education for web publications such as SmartBrief Education and Edutopia.

What’s MakerEd?  MakerEd is a educational philosophy which celebrates the learning process which occurs when a person makes something interesting. Patrick Waters doesn’t just create robots and cutting boards,  he helps craft young people into thinking, problem-solving, engaged adults.  Patrick Waters Headshot

When he’s done teaching young adults,  he teaches normal-aged adults at local makerspaces in the Northern Virginia.  He regularly post updates on his work at www.woodshopcowboy.com, a blog at the crossroads of sawdust, education and technology.


— Mr. Patrick.

A short list of web publications:


Edutopia.org:  PBL Through a Maker’s Lens & Makerspaces and Special Needs

Education Talk Radio: PBL Through a Maker’s Lens

Makezine: Flickr Pool Roundup

Toolmonger: Balance Bike

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