Community Watch: Nova Labs & Makersmiths #makerspace Tour

Northern Virginia hosts a handful of makerspaces, with all different working models.  I’m spending the next several months visiting as many makerspaces as possible.  You can catch my Manhattan tour here!


Northern VA hosts a number of makerspaces.  I’m going to focus on the two non-profit makerspaces, Nova Labs & Makersmiths.

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Community Watch: New Woodworking Class at TX/RX Labs!

Over at TX/RX Labs, I have two new Woodworking classes in the works. Build a Box – Great Makers need great tools. Great tools need great storage. Treat your tools right by learning to build a Japanese style toolbox in this class. Students will learn basic techniques for the table saw and miter saw, as well as learn how to apply an oil-based finish. Woodworking: Intro to Handheld Power Tools Don’t have a lot of space for woodworking? No “real” workshop? Don’t know where to start? No problem! Using only basic power tools (circular saw, router, jigsaw and power drill) … Continue reading Community Watch: New Woodworking Class at TX/RX Labs!

Interested in Project Based Learning, Makerspaces and Maker Ed? Free Webinar on Nov. 12th

Continue the conversation with me, Mr. Patrick, on Nov. 12th.   I will be delivering a free live webinar based on my Edutopia article, PBL through a Maker’s Lens.  I’ll discuss the various ways we can integrate standards, choose appropriate projects, build student engagement and choice and generally have a great time.  You can sign up here. This webinar is hosted by the National Institute for Student-Centered Education.  The NISCE’s mission statement: Our mission is to help schools realize the goal of being communities that both inspire and support students to be passionate about their learning while preparing them to … Continue reading Interested in Project Based Learning, Makerspaces and Maker Ed? Free Webinar on Nov. 12th in the Media this Summer

In an incredible blitzkrieg of media attention, I’m found all over the web this summer. First, Edutopia, a educational non-profit,  published PBL Through a Maker’s Lens this July.  The piece is a shortened, generalized article based on a previous WoodshopCowboy blog post.  So far, it’s brought in 15,000 views and over 1k tweets.  And counting. It also won the SmartBlog Editor’s Choice Award for July.  SmartBlog is an industry news journal which curates the best articles from the most reputable sources around the web of various industries for its readers. In August, I spoke on’s Live Education Podcast, going into … Continue reading in the Media this Summer