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Community Watch: Lie Nielson Toolworks Show, Oct. 21st-22nd

I took my students to the Lie-Nielson Toolworks show being held at the Kellogg Furniture Studio on Fri, Oct. 21st.  My students were able to use some pretty expensive and sweet-working tools from… Continue reading

(Re-)Planting Salt Marsh Grass: Galveston Bay Foundation

In Feburary, fifteen of my students ripped up some two-hundred salt marsh grass stalks.  After a few months of careful husbandry, we re-planted the stalks in the middle of Trinity Bay.  I’ll let… Continue reading

Community Watch: Top Down Beehives & Transistion Houston

Teachers can’t teach in a vacuum.  Students need their subjects, from math to reading to science to civics to history to art to woodshop, placed into context, so the subject matter becomes revelant… Continue reading

Community Watch: Pine Wood Derby Clinics

Saw this during half-time in last week’s Jets-Colts game over at It seems Lowe’s and Dremel will be sponsoring clinics on how to make Pinewood Derby cars. I may have to take… Continue reading

Community Watch: ReUsed Houses in East Texas

I’m in the middle of a relaxing and surprisingly productive Christmas break and before I show my son’s second XMas gift, I’d like to share my last field trip of the year. I… Continue reading

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