Community Watch: TX/RX Labs

This fall, I will be attending the 3D CAD, Plasma Cutter, Arduino & Welding I&II courses @ TX/RX Labs of Houston, TX.  TX/RX is a non-profit hackerspace – a place for machine and electronic-centric project work -which recently opened on Commerce St.  I’ve been by on their Friday night Open Houses and the crowd seems friendly, diverse and intensely interested in their “thing” – whatever project has lit up their world that day.  It’s a crowd where a teacher like me gets to be a kid again.

The group is relatively new, having just picked up their non-profit status.  I’ve been impressed with the quality of their (volunteer) teachers & equipment.  I’m still not sold on them as a working space, as I tend to be an organization freak when it comes to shop space.  They are still building out their workshop, so a little mess is understandable.  Memberships start small and I would imagine worth every penny for someone without access to their variety of tools.

And the projects coming out of there speak for themselves.

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