Community Watch: FatCatFabLabs & HackManhattan #makerspace Tour

I took a recent trip to The Big Apple for professional development.  Along the way, I took a little tour of Manhattan.


Did I go to all the big tourist attractions?  Of course I did.  I went to the two Manattan-based makerspaces, Fat Cat Fab Labs & HackManhattan!

In NYC, space is a premium.  When 1 bedroom apartments go for $2,000 a month and garages are unheard-of, makerspaces become economical engines of creativity.

HackManhattan boasts a small workshop, large central co-working space and is very technology focused.  With 40 or so members, HackManhattan has classes, outreach and open nights, all coordinated through Meet-Up.  The members I met were friendly, interested in sharing their work and meeting new people.

They are also next-door to one of those avant-garde art galleries New York City is famous for.  Or at least I think so.  There was a poetry reading in a video arcade installation and I thought that was pretty darn groovy.


FatCatFabLabs is another bird altogether.  Situated in Greenwich Village, FatCatFabLabs has a larger footprint and a variety of hacker tools.  They favor the Ultimaker 3D printer and have a top-of-the-line laser cutter.  They have a small workshop, large friendly co-working space with rescued restaurant booths, and outreach programs through Meet-Up.  Best of all, they have a fantastic sewing/textile space, complete with electronic scanners, CNC fabric cutters (the coolest thing ever….) and more sewing machine types than I ever knew were possible.  Your quilting grandmother would quilt on light speed here talking to all young makers.

I’d especially like to thank Peter Hartmann his hospitality and friendliness at FatCatFabLabs.   Both places have a lot to offer the Maker.  You will be able to find both spaces at their booths at Maker Faire this year!

Thank you for your continued support.

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