This Week in the Shop: The DIY Pinball Arcade in Plywood, Router Tables & The One-Bit Box

Catch a sneak peek at a future Home #Makerspace project & a new Woodworking Class at Nova Labs this week!

The DIY Pinball machine keeps improving with each iteration.  This version was laser cut at Nova Labs, then assembled at home.  It features a simpler flipper mechanism, stiffer playing surface and a professional feel.  There are some improvements to be made, however.  I need to design curved bumpers for several corners, a return basket, engage in some slight modification of the plunger and maybe change the spacing of the interior features.  I designed this mostly in Autodesk’s Fusion360, a free, full-featured design studio.

In my transition to Northern VA, I downsized my tool collection.  This week, I built a new router table based off a Wolfcraft Router top and a cheap mobile stand.  The result is a clean, open, strong and lightweight router table which can grow or be replaced easily.  While I love the large tool collections available at makerspaces and permanent shops, my family situation constantly evolves.  Having flexibility means I can keep working with minimum amount of fuss.

If you are interested in learning woodworking, I have designed two new courses for Nova Labs this quarter.  A new certification/lecture session on the hand router, table router and mortiser will round out your educational journey through all the tools in the shop, while the One-Bit Box project, shown below, teaches basic router techniques while producing a lovely product.  Classes can be found at Nova Maker’s MeetUp.

Thank you for your continued support.

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