Learn #Woodworking At Nova Labs

learn-woodworkingIf you have ever wanted to make some wood chips or create something beautiful and didn’t know where to start?  Always wanted to learn woodworking, but never could find the time or money for tools?  Ever said, “I wish someone could show me the ropes and help me learn a craft?”

Then the Intro to Woodworking classes at Nova Labs are for you.

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We offer six different classes this semester, geared to different levels of woodworker and maker.

Certification classes, held on Mon or Tues nights, are for woodworkers and makers with some experience using woodworking tools.  Red certification covers the big milling and dimensioning operations:  table saws, jointer, planer and miter saw.  Yellow certifications cover the smaller, shaper tools:  band saws, scroll saws, drill press and sanders.  A few tools, such as the large band saws, routers and mortising machines have their own classes.

Projects courses offer practice and certification while building a project.  This quarter, we will build a step stool, bookshelf and cutting board.  Next quarter, expect a class on boxes (starring the router), small end tables and a Japanese-style toolbox.

After your class, stop by for Woodshop Wednesday, Green Bay Thurs or Woodshop Office Hours on Sundays.  This is open, free shop time for members and guests to ask for help, work on individual projects and develop skills in a community environment.


You can find out more at Nova-Labs.org.  Class registration is both on Meetup & Nova Labs website itself.  You must register on both Nova Labs & Meetup to join classes.  The Green Orientation (a general shop safety orientation) is a MUST BEFORE you register for and join a woodworking class.

Pictures are from the Feb. Cutting Board Project class.

Thank you for your continued support.

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