Community Watch: Build A Box!

Eight students, six boxes built and finished.  It was a long day in the shop – nearly seven hours with only a few breaks for liquids.  I can  think of a number of great moments: the first box getting nailed together, the last coat of shellac being applied, the look of what-have-I-got-myself-into as the students tackled nearly 40 linear feet of hardwood for the first time.  We captured the moment which stands out most for me in the picture below.


Take a good look at the boy in the white shirt.  Take a good look at his smile.  He didn’t get to build a box that day.  He had to work and work hard keeping up with a manic teacher and seven students as a teaching assistant.  He hustled and bustled and sweated through a long day in a shop he didn’t know, with people he didn’t know, with a project he helped design and make happen.

But here he is, seven hours later – still smiling.

I make a few right decisions.  Bringing him along was the best one I made that day.

Enjoy a few more pictures.  Build something in the shop today.

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If you want to build a box, I’ve posted my preliminary directions up here.

Make it safe, keep the rubberside down.  And forgive someone today.

One thought on “Community Watch: Build A Box!

  1. It’s been a couple weeks now, and I was just reflecting on how how much I enjoyed the class. Thanks very much to you and Nicholas for spending the better part of a Saturday being very patient with us and imparting a great deal of knowledge. Glynn.

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