Community Watch: SIMPLE MACHINES

Some times, I can feel like I’m the only guy out there.  Woodshop teachers are a pretty individual breed and we seem to be evolving or dying or drying out.  Looking around the net, I’ve seen work like, a “traditional”-minded site, and then I see Doug Stowe’s Wisdom of the Hands blog, a superb educationally-reform minded mediation on sawdust, beauty and the hands’ role in our mental development.  I’ve taken another direction altogether.

Day of the Dead Masks
Day of the Dead Masks

I’m happy to point out today – I’m not the only guy on the block anymore.  Up in Boston, an elementary school teacher’s started shakin’ and a makin’ and STEMin’.  Mr. Nathan’s put together a heck of an semester – derby cars, Day of the Dead Masks with his social studies colleagues, catapults and automatons.  Check out his work @ SIMPLE MACHINES.

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