Why I Do This: A Bowl, or a Metaphor

1-IMG_0003He said, “This bowl was made from Australian Ash that was blown down in Hurricane Ike.  Most of us would call it trash wood, but I cut a few pieces, waited a few years and turned it for you. I thought it an apt metaphor for what you do:  you take in children that others discard and find the beauty hidden underneath.”

This is what I do.  Before I watch a child discover algebra, or develop an understanding of electricity, or build a catapult, or program a computer, write a blog post, help them with homework, or just teach, I find the beauty in a child.  There’s two types of people out there, I guess.  Those that look at a piece of wood, a life, a child or a moment and only notice flaws.  And some can look past the flaws, find beauty and carve back the layers for everyone else until only the beauty remains.

That’s why I do this:  I search for the beauty for those of us who have yet to see it in themselves.  2-IMG_0005

Because once, not so long ago,  I was that kid.  And every moment I nearly lost myself in the darkness, someone helped carve me into man.

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