WoodshopCowboy.com in the Media this Summer

In an incredible blitzkrieg of media attention, I’m found all over the web this summer.

First, Edutopia, a educational non-profit,  published PBL Through a Maker’s Lens this July.  The piece is a shortened, generalized article based on a previous WoodshopCowboy blog post.  So far, it’s brought in 15,000 views and over 1k tweets.  And counting.

It also won the SmartBlog Editor’s Choice Award for July.  SmartBlog is an industry news journal which curates the best articles from the most reputable sources around the web of various industries for its readers.


In August, I spoke on Edutalk.org’s Live Education Podcast, going into more depth about MakerEd and what its incorporation means for education

Listen To Education Internet Radio Stations with EduTalk on BlogTalkRadio

Also in August, I spoke at the local Woodworker’s Club of Houston.   I spoke about my woodworking experience, local makerspaces and how today’s educators incorporate woodworking into their classrooms.  I even showed off a few new projects!


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Make it safe & keep the rubberside down.

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