Why I Do This: Monday Nights

Why I do this is a continuing series of education..er…ahhh…editorials.  If you don’t like ’em, check out my projects!  I do a lot of woodworking here, but I do more teaching in real-life.  Teaching, whether a reader on these blogs, or at TX/RX labs, or at my work, is what I really love.  I’m a self-proclaimed I-might-be-ok-at-some-point woodworker.  I’m a wicked good teacher.  Once in a while, I’ve got to say my piece about the craft of teaching.

Just helped put my children to bed. Nothing special, really. Probably the same thing your doing, probably the same thing any number of parents do. Nothing really special there. Maybe your catching the premier of that show with a monkey. Or a mob doctor. Hell, it’s Monday, so maybe your catching the game. Nothin’ special there either.

But, it is Monday, so I’m putting grades together, planning lessons and building curriculum. I’ve got a stack of e-mails to catch up on. Including a few from my students asking for help. I’ll answer those first, my boss, god love him, can wait. See, I’m a teacher so when my duties with my own kids are completed, I go back to work for yours.

And there’s nothing special there either. Your kid’s teachers are doing the same, because that’s what your kid, and listen up, here’s the important part, and every other kid deserve.

And I really ain’t asking for much. I ain’t asking for a lot of money. I ain’t worried about the hours, because I already volunteer to teach summer school. I already run after-school clubs, after-school tutoring and stay after-school to plan.  Early in my career, I took a $10k pay cut in order to teach after-school and get my Master’s at the same time.  I sacrifice because I love the work and I love the purpose.

But I would like, just once, to see my profession described in the media as engaging and rewarding, challenging and necessary instead of lazy and incompetent. I’d like to see, just once, when someone asks, “Why do they strike?” for someone other than me say “Because it’s an American worker’s right” instead of “greed”. And I’d like it, when I introduce myself to my wife’s colleagues, all the bright-suited and cubicled bunch of ’em, for them to give me the same respect I give them: I don’t tell you how to run a business, so don’t tell me how I should “educate” kids. You make the widgets, bud.

I make men and women and the sunshine in your day when they come home laughing saying “Daddy, Mommy, guess what I LEARNED today!!!”
That’s what I make.  That’s what I do.  It’s why I do this.
Make it safe, keep the rubber-side down this week.

3 thoughts on “Why I Do This: Monday Nights

  1. “Probably the same thing your doing,” You’re a teacher (and I’ll bet a good one) so I’m sure you know that should be “you’re.” Just sayin’!

  2. I am sure that anyone who reads your blog could make grammatical corrections all day. That was never your forte. That being said, I have rarely witnessed someone as eager to do their job. Bubbly from the inside out, because you know that at the end of the day, you have made a difference in someone’s life. There were a few teachers in my life that were memorable, and they were the ones that made me feel like they loved what they did. And they made me feel like they cared about me as a person.
    I have listened to your hopes and wishes for the job and the children you teach. When people look at you sideways and think they are better than you are because of their career choice, you might remind them that they send their children to people like you every week. Wouldn’t they like to send their children to a person who cared as much as you do? And….you could ask them how they think they would handle a room full of students who struggle with self image, peer pressure, home issues, developmental issues….all the while while said students attempt to learn what needs to be taught.
    Some people are born to be teachers, giving the best to the next generation. Some people take jobs just for the paycheck. Some paychecks are better than others, but the dollar amount does not always reflect the thought and heart put into the job. It isn’t all about getting ahead. Its about giving your best to the job every day you go to work. Sometimes, its a simple smile and the student finally ‘getting it’ that makes it all worthwhile.
    Keep up the good work. And hug your own children….and your wife.

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