This Week in the Shop: ReUsed Furniture

My co-worker (also a commenter on this blog, see if you can spot him) made these crate/shelving and desk pieces.  I’m thinking of grabbing a few crates myself now… I should have another work sample/update from both work and home shops soon.  In the upcoming week, my first set of progress reports are due, the wife leaves for exotic isles, the school goes to camp, and my sons spend their first night away from both parents.  My plate is full, huh? Continue reading This Week in the Shop: ReUsed Furniture

This Week in the Shop: J&D’s Chair

In early August I completed a chair & ottoman set.  I built the set as a gift to two of my best friends, as they decided to marry to each other.  I actually got to see them meet, watch them fall in love and be an unintentional third wheel in their relationship.  Somehow, they drafted me as a groomsman in their wedding – so I had to do a piece of furniture and tried to do a bang up job.  The results:

Slideshow of the construction process after the jump.

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The Google Sketch Up Lab

This year, I’ve been working closely with another colleague to create, a project-based CAD course.  When I was presented with the challenge, I dove in head first. This week I have been presenting various perspective/drawing challenges to my students in an effort to assess their current capabilities.  I’ve been enjoying a curriculum challenge, and after two days, I am pleased by the success and interest posed by my students.  The room has been split into three themed stations: a perspective/assessment area, a guided-step project area and a digital manipulative lab. The assessment area has produced some fascinating results.  When confronted … Continue reading The Google Sketch Up Lab

New School Year: Boxes, Trays and Benches

This week, I’m proposing and planning projects for the 2011-2012 school year.    According to the Mayans, it should be a killer.  I’m attached to the Math/Sci crew as a “Technology Resource” – meaning I’m running a CAD workshop, an Electronics course and probably some sort of Lego Mindstorms-based course.  In my traditional role as a woodshop teacher, I’ve developed a 3-project pipeline.  Small butt joint boxes based on this tutorial grow into larger tool trays which eventually turn into the Butterfly Bench.  I am also proposing a Bike Mechanics service project – students build, curate & service a bike fleet … Continue reading New School Year: Boxes, Trays and Benches

The New Tools in the Shop

I’ve spent the last three weeks (since mid-July) avoiding the woodshop both at work and home.  At work, a series of major structural changes has kept me away from the wood – which will turn into a good thing.  Exciting times ahead my friends.

At home, I finished a refurbishing an old office chair.  The project awaits some photography and a blog post.  Otherwise, the last few weeks have been about re-organization some major tool acquisitions.  If you hang out around tools, sooner or later you’ve heard the story behind my new tools: they were my father’s tools. I don’t have use for them.

I do..  So let us see the tools after the jump!

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This Week in the Shop: Don’t Touch My Blue Suede Chair

A quick sawdust update: I’ve been working finishing up a personal project this week and doing a little legwork for my next piece.  In May, two friends of mine became married to each other.  I got to see them meet, watch them fall in love and stand up and give a hell yeah! at the wedding while wearing an uncomfortable rental tux.  I decided to celebrate with a chair.  The results so far: Lowe’s provided the legs and various hardware pieces, while I scrounged up about five yards of blue suede from the local fabric shop.  I salvaged the stuffed … Continue reading This Week in the Shop: Don’t Touch My Blue Suede Chair

This Week in the Shop: End of Summer Program

The summer program wraps up today.   Our summer program acts as an experimental zone, a transitional buffer and a slice of consistency for both teachers and students.  Personally, I love summer programs – no grades, no pressure, just the chance to provide as fun and therapeutic educational experience as possible.  Anyways, this summer saw the return of the butterfly bench.  Students took all four group projects home to their families.  Notice the recurring butterfly motif from last go-round.  I think I’ll be making some linoleum stamps with this design on them at some point  soon. This summer has been a wild … Continue reading This Week in the Shop: End of Summer Program