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This Week In the Shop: Point and Shoot Camera Mount, V. II

Just a short slideshow this week.  Took a second shot at the camera rig.  It’s a little long, but the hardware’s been upgraded and it stays put.  I especially enjoy the mounted 1/4″… Continue reading

This week in the Shop: Dead Simple Jig for Drilling Bottles

For the last two years, I’ve spent one weekend before Christmas drilling holes in glass blocks to create lighting stands which look like something like this: photo credit: ike4014 via photopin cc This… Continue reading

This Week in the Classroom (and the shop): Time Lapse Photography or Filming Rigs

In my second period this semester, I’m moonlighting as a video producer.  I don’t get to do any fancy music videos or full-feature movies, but I do get to make a documentary.  We’ve… Continue reading

This Week in the Shop: Merchandise Display

It’s taken me a few years, but I’ve begun accepting commissions.  A friend of mine came with a project I couldn’t refuse.  He wanted a chest to haul around the merchandise related to… Continue reading

This Week in the Shop: Put Your Legs Up On A Little Something (It’s a Stool)

When my grandfather asked for a footstool, I obliged.  He’s one of those elder individuals with a he once built a school with his bare hands and then sent his kids across the ocean to come to… Continue reading

On the Workbench….

Make it safe this week & keep the rubberside down.  Kids return to my classroom tomorrow, so I’ll see you when I see you.  Oh, and like WoodshopCowboy on Facebook!  

This Week in the Shop: On the Bench

A few pictures from the workbench…. Make it safe & keep the rubberside down this weekend.  Remember to like WoodshopCowboy on Facebook!  At thirty likes I’m giving something away….  

This Week in the Shop: Balance Bike

I’ve been itchin’ recently for a mechanical project.  As a woodworker, I’m a furniture man through and through.  Sometimes a father just gotta put some flames on his boy’s new set of wheels.… Continue reading

Woodworking Plans: The Kid’s Bed Frame

Last year, I posted a quick project: The Bed Frame.  It has since become the most searched for post on this website, garnering a little over a thousand views with no publicity.  People… Continue reading

WoodshopCowboy on Facebook!

If you enjoy the projects, plans, tool primers & gear reviews, curriculum, lessons and (maybe) a few of the editorials you see here, show your support by liking WoodshopCowboy on Facebook! At thirty likes I’ll… Continue reading

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