This Week in The Shop: Arts & Crafts Inspired Picture Frames

Here’s some pictures of completed Arts & Crafts type frames I’ve put together over the last few weeks – along with some older frames still in use.  The wife’s given me a commission to cover our living room wall.  Got a bit more wall to cover, but I feel like I’m getting the style down.

Bridle joints on every corner.  Every frame is oak, whether white, red or salvaged.  My finishes are all over the place – Danish oil, polyurethane, spar urethane, polycrylic.  I’m not really worried about matching.  I’ve brush, sprayed and rubbed.  Just experiments in style.

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Make it safe and keep the rubberside down this weekend.

6 thoughts on “This Week in The Shop: Arts & Crafts Inspired Picture Frames

    1. I mitered the sides first, then cut the curves on the bandsaw. Wish i could use hand tools like you do – but I’ve nowhere near the excellence to cut such a piece on the line.

      Keep up the work on the Roubo bench! I keep putting mine off…but it will be the next bench i make.

      and thanks for commenting – it’s nice to get a look from someone who’s work I’ve been following.

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