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This Week in the Shop: Kid’s Play Table

The finished play table I first blogged about last Friday.  If you look close you can see some screw holes on the top.  I used short 1″ #8 wood screws to get everything… Continue reading

This Week in the Shop: Locomotive Bed

One of the neat challenges in designing furniture (and teaching) is the need to get outside yourself in the middle of a private act.  I think putting oneself in another’s shoes, no matter… Continue reading

Community Watch: Ponoko Online Webinars

Ponoko is one of the premier “making” companies on the net today.  Here’s the pitch:  you design it in CAD, you upload it, they make it.  In whatever material they have and you… Continue reading

This Week in the Shop: More Simple Benches

Two simple benches came out of the workshop this week.  Hope you enjoy! I’m thinking of putting some simple benches up for sale…anyone have a price point? Make it safe & keep the… Continue reading

Sketch Up Model: Play Table with Simple Benches

I will use some 1/2″ plywood to put together this play table for my two sons this weekend. I’ve begun uploading a number of my project designs into Google 3D Warehouse…look for WoodshopCowboy!… Continue reading

This Week in the Shop: Plywood Storage & Lights & New Workbench

Since I moved into my new digs in April, my shop has undergone a number of changes.  I blogged about the move-in and of course I went and changed it immediately. First, a… Continue reading

Build a Bench This Weekend

My very first class for TX/RX Labs (or any other place non-school) is completed.  Six students (adult, this time) built benches with me for two half days.  We were a little crunched on… Continue reading

This Week in the Shop: Turnips & Onions (Storage)

A gift for my wife on her birthday – a simple container for turnips, onions and other such veggies.

This Week in the Shop: Tangled Up (Dining Set) in Blue

In the past few weeks, I’ve had the chance to photograph my completed big fall project from 2011.  I put together the table base over a few weeks in August and built the top… Continue reading

This Week in the Shop: Movin’ on Up!

As I’ve hinted at in earlier posts, I’ve officially moved my home shop (the Magic Shop, as I tend to call it) to my new home in suburban Texas.  The move took nearly… Continue reading

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