This Week in the Shop: Plywood Storage & Lights & New Workbench

Since I moved into my new digs in April, my shop has undergone a number of changes.  I blogged about the move-in and of course I went and changed it immediately.

First, a couple bright spots.  Not long after I unloaded everything I realized two very important things about home ownership.  One, you can put holes in whichever wall you want, where ever you want, when you want.  Two, it’s expensive.  But not these lights.  Remember to buy the bulbs and make sure you wire’m up according to  fire code.  I’m a midnight rider now.

My new bench looks a bit beaten in today, but it works great for three months of use.  I made some terrible looking mortise-and-tenon joints at each leg, but 3/4″ pegs have kept it tight and square.  The top is very light – only one sheet of 3/4″ oak ply – so I used 1″ pine strips as reinforcement.  My cheap vise completes the look.  I never really meant to build this bench.  I mean to build a Roubo handtool bench before next summer.  I mean to build my wife a  Craftsmen-style bench.  I mean to do a lot of things.  Which means I’ll have this bench for the next ten years…

Last, but most importantly, new storage for lumber.  I don’t make a lot of things (at least compared to retired guys and professionals) and what I do make tends to be salvaged lumber.  I needed a small place to store lumber for two or three months worth of projects at a time.  Something mobile, something easily organized, something limited.  I’ve always admired the one at work, so I built my own.  You can find plans for a similar cart here.

Make it safe & keep the rubber side down this weekend.

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