This Week in the Classroom: Swingin’ Chalkboard Signs

Here’s a few shots of a project build I did a few months ago.  The challenge was to build a recycling container from completely recycled materials.  I picked up some nice crepe myrtle branches and immediately saw a V shaped stand with a small basket to collect recyclable goods.

To bad we never did finish it.  We got all the way to the crossbeam.  Spring break came with all the lassitude of a wilted Texas flower in August.  We never stood a chance.

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Eventually, I snookered a student into repainting an old cabinet door into a chalkboard sign.  Then I parked that sucker in front of the toolshed.  I used crepe myrtle cut-offs, a some 2x12s, some brown paint, plywood and a few pulled screws.

Make it safe & keep the rubberside down this weekend.

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