This Week in the Shop: Locomotive Bed

One of the neat challenges in designing furniture (and teaching) is the need to get outside yourself in the middle of a private act.  I think putting oneself in another’s shoes, no matter the context, is one of the most civilizing things humans can do.  Because before I was a father, before I was a husband, before teacher, and before I was a craftsperson, I was a selfish, selfish toddler.  And if you ask my wife, the toddler in me isn’t that far below the surface.

When I designed my Simple Bench, I had one eye on my eventual audience.  I can’t say that my design is unique as a quick look around Google or proves otherwise.  My design, unlike a lot of others, can be built from one 6′ pine board and leaves a whole lot of details up to the builder.  It’s flexible.

The Kid’s Bed Frame design has its own flexibility also.  My son is a huge fan of trains, especially a certain blue train that talks.  Please don’t say his name.  The boy can hear you and I will have to make some silly noises and read a bunch of books.  Seriously.  Stop even thinking his name.

So when the boy asked for a new bed, I took the opportunity to get outside myself and my wants and built him a train bed.  It’s what he wanted.  I used the Simple Bed Frame as a base, then cut out the sides, front and roof/shelf from 1/2″ plywood.  A quick couple of coats of paint and boom! Done.

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Make it safe & keep the rubberside down this gorgeous Labor Day.

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