Build a Bench This Weekend

My very first class for TX/RX Labs (or any other place non-school) is completed.  Six students (adult, this time) built benches with me for two half days.  We were a little crunched on time, but we stayed late (or showed up early) and completed our benches.

I want to thank my students for coming and sticking with me, my teaching assistants (Oleg, Jim, Oz and Roland) and TX/RX Labs for having me.  Most of all though, I want to thank my brother Jim.  I think I’m good at this stuff – but I taught him how to build the bench at 7am…and he was teaching by 9.  Jim taught me the value of hard work…because it’s the only way to keep ahead of his talent.  I have a wonderful brother.  So thank everyone for a wonderful class and holiday weekend.

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Guess we gotta get finishing!

Make it safe & keep the rubber side down.

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