This Week in the Shop: DIY Height Gauge

A quick jig can make the difference in a woodshop.  This height gauge helps measure and set cutting tool heights and thicknesses for rabbets, dadoes, chamfers, etc.  Since it incorporates a digital caliper, the dial is easy to read, precise and accurate.


This tool came in handy building the light box project – I hit the rabbet depth and thickness dead-on each time.


In the next few weeks, I will be developing new projects for NoVA Labs and this blog which utilize more intermediate woodworking skills.  Build this jig now and it will be used over and over again.

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This week in the Shop: Dead Simple Jig for Drilling Bottles

For the last two years, I’ve spent one weekend before Christmas drilling holes in glass blocks to create lighting stands which look like something like this: photo credit: ike4014 via photopin cc This year, he’s asked for me to drill the same hole in a wine bottle.  In order to make this happen, I needed a jig to hold the bottle still.  In the slideshow below is the results.  Maybe you can take it to the next level. Make it safe & keep the rubberside down. Continue reading This week in the Shop: Dead Simple Jig for Drilling Bottles