Putting a Roof on the Bike Barn

We recently got half a roof put on the bike barn.  The students fixed up fifteen bikes and laid out a roof in three long hours.  Excellent work ethic, if not visuals.  I’ll be getting out and fixing up the barn throughout the spring semester.  I hope to add a waterproof holding bin & tool rack to it in the next service day. Continue reading Putting a Roof on the Bike Barn

This Week in the Shop: Make: Plywood Chairs

A few issues ago, Make Magazine published plans for a jigsaw puzzle chair, and I needed chairs for my “dining room”.  In reality, I needed chairs, I had plywood and this plan jumped out at me.  I used a jigsaw to rough-cut the piece.  Then I finished the pieces with a bandsaw, rasps and a router with flush-cut bit.  Here’s the first chair. Before you ask, yes, it isn’t sturdy enough.  The original plans called for 3/4 in thick plywood.  I only had half inch, but it’s what I had on hand.  I will install some sort of brace.  We’ll … Continue reading This Week in the Shop: Make: Plywood Chairs

This Week In The Shop: Jewelry Box

One of my MasterClass students finished a jewelry box just in time for Mother’s Day.  He’s been working for close to three months on it.

We began with a design consultation, in which we researched various box designs on the web.  I want to give a big thank-you to Andy, an extremely talented and generous woodworker who provided some valuable feedback for my young student.  I greatly appreciate your help Andy. 

A walk-through & gallery after the jump.. Continue reading “This Week In The Shop: Jewelry Box”