Community Watch: Woodworking in Houston

Every Intro to Woodworking class, I try to take a little time to share some local resources for woodworking and budding woodworkers.


Where to buy woodworking specific tools:

Woodcraft & Rockler are competing small-business franchises specializing in woodworking equipment for the dedicated hobbyist.  If you want it, it’s there.

Circle Saw & Empire Tools are emporiums of tools.  Great places to go for power tools, saw blade sharpening, and funky tools from different trades.  Locally owned and operated also.

Harbor Freight, Northern Tool, and Lee Tools on Harwin sell cheap tools at cheap prices.  A quick way to build a tool collection, but be careful of tools which may break when you sneeze wrong.  Great places to stock up on supplies such as gloves, rags, masks, etc.

Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sear’s Hardware and Ace Hardware are all “big box” stores with their own brand of house tools.  I really enjoy a well run Ace Hardware, but Lowe’s is closer to where I live.  Mid-priced tools for mid-level prices geared to the weekend warrior.


Where to Buy Lumber:

Canyon Mesquite generally sells flooring and such wholesale.  They are the only game in town (that I know of) for “slabs”.  Randy, the owner, is a great guy and supports a number of projects around town.  He deserves our support too.

Houston Hardwoods has a great selection of woods and seems geared to the woodworker/construction crowd.  Great service, great prices.

Hardwood Products Company carries a limited number of woods, but all of it is S4S, so it saves you time.  They carry mostly domestic species at reasonable prices.  I’ve had great service there.

Clark’s is the big dog in Houston.  Huge selection, including antique stuff, in the rough, unique stuff, etc.  The service is top notch.  Check out their website for this week’s specials.

Where to Learn More Woodworking:

TX/RX Labs of course!  Not only am I a member, I’ve taken tons of classes there.  We are constantly upgrading the facilities, bringing in new classes, etc.  Open houses on Friday nights, 7:30 to 9ish.  Our classes are taught by a mix of professional artists/engineers/creatives, dedicated hobbyists, and all-around great people. (I think…)

Houston Makerspace holds a variety of classes taught mainly by professional craftspeople.  While I haven’t been there for a class, the space seems well thought out and put together.

Woodcraft holds day-long classes every weekend with a revolving set of classes and teachers.

Leisure Learning often has woodworking, though at the moment, they only offer one class.


People/Organizations to Talk To:

The Woodworkers Club of Houston meets on the 2nd Saturday of the month at Baylend Community Center from 9am on.  While the crowd skews older, they are absolute wizards with the woods.  Any question can be answered by talented people.

As I become aware of more places and sources, I will continue to update this page.Make it safe & keep the rubber side down this week.



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