Community Watch: Build a Bench this Memorial Day Weekend!

Are you in the Houston area?  Ever wanted to get started woodworking?  Maybe you just enjoy benches as much as I do?

Join me for the Wood Workshop at TX/RX Labs on Sat. & Sun. May 25th & 26th (5/25 & 5/26) from 9am-5pm. 

The Finished Bench

I will be walking you through how to build the simple bench project, start to finish.  As TX/RX so elegantly put it:

Build a simple bench using both hand tools and power tools. A perfect intro to woodworking, we will cover basic tool usage both hand and power along with learning the basics of crafting with wood. All participants will complete a handsome rustic bench as part of the class, theirs to take home upon completion.

You’ll become familiar with the bandsaw, powered miter saw and all the hand tools stuffed away in the tool chest.  I’ll run you through stain, varnish and paint as finishes for pine.  If you take your time, I’m hoping yours will outshine mine.

Make it safe & keep the rubber side down.

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