Book Review: One Block of Wood by Nina Tolstrup

This spring, a sweet little book fell into my hands.  Nina Tolstrup, an UK designer (she owns studiomama, a design firm).  Her projects include lamps, scooters, wall planters, book ends and card holders – all out of One Block of Wood.

Ms. Tolstrup’s eye for function and style dovetails nicely with her habits of simplicity.  While not every project is truly made from one piece of wood, each project involves a minimum of cuts and a maximum of flexibility.  As a woodworker, I appreciate her style – as a teacher,  I appreciate her clear directions, beautiful visuals and simple construction.  I’ve used the little handbook a lot this summer – and students have been bringing home all sorts of handmade, kidmade, pridefound stuff.  If you are looking for a crafts-centered introduction to the world of woodworking, take a little spin through Ms. Tolstrup’s plain-spoken world.

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Make it safe & keep the rubber side down this weekend.

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