This Week in the Classroom: Why Mothers Hate Me On Mother’s Day

As a parent, I know that art projects can be a mixed blessing.  Some are breathtaking.  Most should go in the circular file.  Worse still are things my kids build – they fall apart and break.  They take up space.

God save me if my sons bring home noise-making pieces of art they have built.

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As a teacher, I conveniently ignore my own good sense.  I present wind chimes built in preparation for Mother’s Day as part of our “building music” unit.

Make it safe and keep the rubber side down.

One thought on “This Week in the Classroom: Why Mothers Hate Me On Mother’s Day

  1. Ha ha! (With you, not at) you have a really tough job. I know I have previously admitted my envy, but I do realize how how challenging it is. I am always trying to brainstorm activities to lead with my children and small groups that do not involve inevitable danger (while being observed during student teaching, my students managed to burn themselves with AA batteries), and yet, engages the youths and produces something remotely intact and viable. Let’s not forget that the activity must fall neatly into a predetermined time slot. Finding links to curriculum usually proves to be the easiest part of the planning!
    My hat is off to you. I tried windchimes myself…alone…without coaching kids through it…once!
    Keep learning and making these awesome notes! Thank you for sharing them!

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