Quick Pic: Cutting Boards

Somehow, several large planks of long-grain butcher-block style planks have come my way.  Nothing better to do than prep some cutting boards and let the kids turn them into something special.

The boards are finished with food-safe mineral oil, specifically Wisconsin Hardwoods’ Wood Oil.  Always make sure you use a food-safe finishes (which limits you to beeswax, food-safe mineral oil and “salad-bowl” finish) when you create spoons, cutting-boards, etc.  I also use food-safe (or a water-based acrylic) for the stuff my little ones will chew on.  Such as blocks and cars.

Update:  As Scott Turner posts below, most finishes are food-safe once dry (and apparently I eat a lot of shellac).  Flexner on finishing is a better resource than me.  I will add that film finishes – I’m thinking shellacs and lacquers here – should be considered inappropriate rather than non-safe.  The board will be chopped on right?  So why put a film down?  Thanks Scott for your input & the note on Flexner!

Make it safe & keep the rubber side down.

2 thoughts on “Quick Pic: Cutting Boards

  1. According to Flexner, almost any finish is “food-safe” once it is dry. And certainly shellac (which is used to coat hard candies!) must count as food-safe.

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