This Week in the Shop: Reading Stand from Salvaged Wainscoting

Here’s my latest workshop creation.  It’s a small reading stand for my wife’s grandmother (or rather, mine too, I guess).  The curly flame maple isn’t actual wood, but some sort of printed-Formica laid over some pretty expensive chipboard.  The Formica/chipboard came off a local office’s wainscoting, and I just had to grab a coupla panels.  The Formica cuts well with a panel/plywood blade in my circle/miter saw.  I still need to work on covering the chipboard up – I tried molding in this project and paint in this one.  I’m leaning towards molding after seeing the results.

Now onto parts I like:  the proportions (16″ w x 12″ h x 8ish” d), the red/curly maple combo (red is also the color for luck in Vietnamese culture), and the reading angle.  After this picture was taken, I attached a clear acrylic strip on the bottom of board to hold books.

The back lifts of course.

And the back reveals that non-mortised butt hinge which shifts and stammers and really needs to be a piano hinge instead.

If you have any thoughts, love to hear ’em.