This Week in the Shop: A Granite Trestle Table (for Grillin’)

There’s a saying in electronic/maker/hacker circles. Sometimes, you just need enough junk before you can start doing cool stuff. You need a “critical mass” of stuff.  This trestle table came together because of a “critical mass” of junk.  The pressure treated base was scrap pieces from a variety of sources (work, my own projects, etc) and the top came from a neighbor’s remodel.  As any maker will tell you: if you don’t collect the stuff somewhere, you don’t get the idea to use it.  The process works and I got a cute little grilling table out of it.

A walk through of the build after the jump.

I began by shaping for identical legs/arms for the top and bottom of the table.  I shaped this particular part with only hand tools – it took about 20 min to complete.  I cut the rest using a jigsaw and averaged a little over 5 min a piece.

Next, I cut the legs to height and began marking lap joints.  This ain’t rocket science, as I like to say, but I am particularly happy with how the joints came out.   I’m still looking to improve the results but for now, I can handle the quality right now.   First the interior of that joint, then the finished joint.A few crossbeams completes the base.At which point, it’s time to add the top.  I used the cut off for a kitchen sink.  Maybe at some point in the future I’ll figure out how to shape stone.  At this point, I’m just keeping my hands away from the sharp edges.

One thought on “This Week in the Shop: A Granite Trestle Table (for Grillin’)

  1. Cool table. Glad you are not wasting your vacation going to Disney World or spending your money at a water slide.

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