This Week in the Shop: A Bed Frame

UPDATE:  You can pick up PDF plans for this project at  More plans coming soon!

A little over five weeks ago, a plumbing issue at my residence caused a rather large flood.  Since then, my family and I have been staying with relatives.  The workshop has been closed for personal projects until further notice.

This weekend, though, I collected enough tools to make this bed frame for my relatives as a  I’ve-been-here-five-weeks-and-will-be-for-another-two gift.

UPDATE: You can pick up PDF plans for this project at More plans coming soon!

The rails are 1x6s with a 1x4s used as the rails on which the bed/box spring sits against.  I mounted the legs, from IKEA, using wood screws.  All in all, this bed frame cost about $150 in materials versus the $170 for an IKEA boxspring & legs.  Not enough savings to make it worthwhile, especially as I’m “factory-fit” challenged.

The bed frame does make a great argument for the use of power tools.  I used a miter saw, air nailer & power drill to get this beast together.  It took one and a half hours, start to finish (I know, I was racing the sunset).  My eldest son watched me from a child-container.  The power tools gave me the confidence & ability to finish the project quickly.  Just wish they were a guarantee for tight joints.

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Make it safe & keep the rubberside down this week.

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