This Week in the Classroom: The Butterfly Bench & Butterfly Growers

I missed Monday and Tuesday this week – my wife was in the hospital with a parasite.  Luckily, the parasite left on his own and we’ve named him Jack.  Jack is our second son, born on Sun 13 at 5:30am.  A whopping 8 lbs.  A beautiful boy.

But this blog is about woodshop & teaching.  Looking over the 3 and a half days this week, the students accomplished many things.

First, they braved the cold – it’s 40 deg here in Houston and while it didn’t put me out much, my student’s had a difficult time with the weather.  Especially because the refuse and/or cannot plan for the weather.  We pulled through.

We finished these:

An in progress shot:

These benches are made of majority recycled materials – my program paid for fasteners & the acrylic paints (orange, black, yellow).

My colleague rescued these from the hard freeze on Tues –

Which are hanging structures for two monarch chrysalises.  The butterflies will emerge and climb onto the triangle stand, dry off and fly away.  Right now, they make incredibly pretty office decorations.  One stays in the science room and I am sure will become a month-long science observation.  This little guy was also rescued, and he’s ready to metamorphasize.

Heck of a time!

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