This Week In the Shop: Open Shelving

Open ShelvingEvery woodshop, makerspace or garage could use more storage.  If you have an unfinished wall in a shed, garage or basement, this project is for you! This Week in the Shop we build open shelving using simple brackets made from 2x10s with a table saw, power drill/driver and miter saw.   This project easy to build, cheap to build and useful.  Check out the build video!

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The Things they Carried (Cool Tools Everyday Carry Contest)

Kevin Kelly, editor of Wired magizine, runs an interesting blog on Cool Tools.  He recently held a contest looking for tools which are carried everyday.  This year, I’ve been refining my tool belt to carry the tools that make my job run. So let’s start, shall we?  From right to left: Canvas Tool Pouch:  It’s light, rugged and cheap.  An obvious catchall, I often put the small tools of the day in the various pockets.  A few tools reside permenently inside its pockets – #2 Phillips drivers, a hex wrench which tightens down the miter box, Moleskine notebook, digital camera, … Continue reading The Things they Carried (Cool Tools Everyday Carry Contest)