This Week in the Shop: Wood Hand Planes & Spray Finish

It’s not all kid-projects and makerspaces tours in this space.  I have a little time for personal projects.

After sorting my shop in my recent relocation, I cannibalized the irons from some really terrible (and I mean terrible) hand planes.  I’ve reused those planes in three hand planes.  I made two smoothers and one block plane.  This particular design looks rather great, I think, but works rather terrible.  I mean terrible.  I need to cut a thick cap iron to stiffen the planes before they will work correctly.


Also, I dropped a finish on a few pieces. I’ve covered my (mostly unchanged) process before, but recently I upgraded to a Rockler HVLP sprayer.  The system sets up, sprays and cleans up painlessly.  I’m still working out the kinks to my spray process, so minor imperfections crept into the work.    If you use shellac, and I suggest you should, you can use an alcohol-soaked cotton rag to even color and hiccups.  It’s still faster than my older method.

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I really enjoyed how my repair/refinishing of a vintage child’s rocker came out.  The repair cost only about $10 in oak dowels and a little time.

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