This Week in the Shop: Art Car

This Week In the Shop, 80% of our students left for an overnight camp.  I stayed back and worked with a small group of seniors building senior gifts.  One of those senior gifts happens to be an Art Car, which you can follow along on the Art Car 2011 page.  This week’s pictures:

And then:

Thursday we finished the tail:

We skinned most of the car by lunch on Fri:

And slapped some steel-gray paint on it:

3 thoughts on “This Week in the Shop: Art Car

  1. All I can see is a FORD. Fix or Repair Daily an old old expressio, but with the mods your students have come up with, I am sure it will become Fly On Ready to Drive.

    1. It could’ve been a “Found On Road Dead” too. Still has it’s Firestone tires, so I drive it waiting for it to explode on me. I’ll get some pics off my phone of the other cars I saw at the meet.

      This week, the kids will finish the front end and the little ones (five through ten) will paint the underside white, so it looks more and more like a shark.

      The name of the ship is “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat”.

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