This Week in the Classroom: SNOW DAY!

It’s going to be a snow day in Houston! we canceled school two days early….

The last big piece of work I’ll do this week:

I can’t really explain this one.  Context is nothing when you have a big cow sculpture hanging out the back of your truck.  It’s like trying to explain missing homework to a grouchy teacher.  No story counts.

It’s thirty degrees out in the balmiest city I’ve ever lived in…had to macgyver this together:

And finally, I ran across this shot – a first try at a bullnose profile with a handplane.

I have a very interesting volunteer opportunity planned for Sat.  I will take pictures if it happens.  I first typed that sentence as:  If I’m lucky….it’ll be 40 degrees F and I’ll be digging in wet mud for three hours.  It could be thirty degrees!  Maybe a how-to-shovel expose?  The weather is making participation pretty dicey.  We’ll see.

Last but not least, some cool news:

Make Magazine will be doing a “woodworking skills showcase” over the next few weeks.  They will be going over the basics in woodworking, so many of us will be experts.  But if you are interested in something creative other than woodworking, you ought to check the site out – and leave a few nice comments for the nOObs with soldering irons.  It’s a cool mag.

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