We Have A Winner!

Congrats to Pam for winning the Facebook “Race to Thirty” contest.  She wins a Simple Tea Box (or maybe some new designs I’m working on).  She can claim her prize by messaging the Facebook page or sending an email to woodshopcowboy at gmail.com.  Hey, even if you didn’t win, drop me a line! Thank you to all of those who have supported this page and my work over the past year or two.  Onward and upward – at 50 likes, I will give away another prize.  Not yet sure what of, but I guarantee it should be interesting…. Keep supporting … Continue reading We Have A Winner!

Parenting: On Making Kids Who Make Stuff

1. Determine your child’s level of interest. A child who’s fascinated by tools or electrical equipment typically demonstrates an almost obsessive interest in them, pays attention, takes direction well, and instinctively focuses on the job at hand. I’ve taught soldering to children as young as eight, and their ability to concentrate is astonishing. If you’re a DIY enthusiast have a basement tool-and-gadget area, let your child see the fruits of working with these objects and identify with what Mom or Dad does to fix or make things. If you sense your child’s delight in imagining similar creative endeavors, then buying a … Continue reading Parenting: On Making Kids Who Make Stuff

Check out WoodshopCowboy @ www.toolmonger.com

I almost feel I’ve arrived!  Some kind words from http://www.toolmonger.com, the best tool site around. So kudos from the TM crew, ‘Cowboy. And if you other Toolmongers have a sec, check out his blog as it’s full of other interesting thoughts, collections of fun finds, and slick projects So make it safe & keep the rubberside down this week, will ya? Continue reading Check out WoodshopCowboy @ www.toolmonger.com

A Quick Thank You

Over this past week, I’ve been linked/promoted by WordPress’s “Freshly Pressed” page and http://www.makezine.com. I’ll be honest, I am completely stoked that Make’s Blog editors took me up on my suggestion. They do check that “Site Suggestion” box! Anyways, thank you to the new visitors and I hope you stick around. Thanks to the new subscribers (hey, Dad!), I hope I justify your click. Make safe and keep the rubber side down. –Mr. Patrick   Continue reading A Quick Thank You