This Week in the Shop: The Closet Organizer

The Closet Organizer

Last month, Marie Kondo’s show hit Netflix and it seemed like everyone needed to find a way to tidy up their life. I renovated the laundry last year – removing and installing new flooring, re-painting the walls, constructing new cabinets, etc. The last ticket to punch was to design and install a closet organizer.

The Closet Organizer

I began by figuring out what I would store in the closet, then designing a shelving system that would work in the space available. Taking a look at what I needed looked like this:Closet Organizer

Essentially, I designed a small tower with two shelves and two pull out drawers. Due to the design of the closet, I would install the tower underneath a top shelf, slightly off center. This allowed me to pull out the drawers fully with my chosen slides.

This build used pocket holes for most joinery, full extension slides, and liberal use of a table saw. Check out the video to follow along with the build!

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