#Makerspace Tour: KID Museum in Bethesda, MD

The KID Museum of Bethesda, MD offers a range of Maker activities through outreach, studio time, open play/build and structured classes.  It’s open for drop-in visits on weekends and reserved for workshops, school trips and scheduled events during weekdays.


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We visited for open house Sunday hours recently.  It cost $8 per person and admission included access to about ten stations, all managed by young adult makers.  The staff was friendly, helpful, diverse and knowledge.  Kudos to management for finding such excellent and kind teenagers in the world.

The KID Museum has some really cool projects I want to translate into the home makerspace, such as homemade wind tunnels, wood & metal erector sets.

Kid-centered spaces such as KID Museum can change a young person’s life – these are the places dreams come true.  Even just visiting opens up a young maker’s vision of what can be possible.  Visit a makerspace today.

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