Teacher Tip: First Aid Kit & Safety Equipment

I live a blessed life.  In the past eight quarters as a woodshop teacher (and going on one quarter as a chemistry/biology/mad science teacher) I have had four injury reports.  Not the best record, but not the worst.  During set-up this year, I ordered first aid kit for all the tool-heavy classrooms – gardening center, woodshop, chemistry/science lab & art class.  I also re-fitted my own space (my shop first aid kit keeps becoming the house’s first aid kit) with some important new tools and the accompanying pieces of safety equipment.

So what safety equipment do I use?

Home Workshop:

School Workshop:

  • Smocks
  • Safety Glasses
  • Work Gloves
  • Hearing Protection
  • First Aid Kit

Science Lab/Electronic Hackspace:

  • Goggles
  • Lab Gloves
  • Sharps/Glassware Garbage Can
  • First Aid Kit
  • Eye Wash

I’ve linked up to the more exotic workshop helpers.  I figure the other items are self-explanatory.  If I’m missing something, please comment and help me out!

Make it same & keep the rubberside down this week!

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