Picture Frames

I’ve built a few picture frames over the last two years.  I’ve enjoyed the process and the opportunity work some hard wood.  With all walnut, maple, white oak and red oak scraps  I’ve been making I should have raw materials for an entire house!  It takes about an hour to make the frame, but years of hard work to get the family right.

In other news, my home workshop has entered into a serious slowdown mode until May.  I will not be showing any big projects out of the home shop, although work will be cool.  I’m buying my own house this spring and that means the workshop will be moved to a second location…it also means I will get the chance to re-vamp, re-configure and re-vitialize my woodworking space.  Should get interesting.

0 thoughts on “Picture Frames

  1. Nice…congrats on the new home and shop. I’m trying to figure out how to move my saws around my place to set it up in a triangle configuraton, not unlike a kitchen. I have a couple of small table tops that are set up with different blades for efficiency.

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