The Art Crate Lockers

Over the past month my mind (and workshop) has fissured into a melting pot of tools, projects, class planning and plan ol’ creative fury.  I have nothing to show for my troubles right now.  I have recently completed a “house” style table – craftsman lines with painted accents – and I failed to take pictures of the build process.  At work, students have created walnut-maple boxes, shipping crates, catapults, computer animations, floorplans and straight-edges from yard sticks.

Few, if any, pictures.

New planer, new jointer in the shop.  You know the drill.

I do have pictures of my most recent workshop project.  I was able to divert some rather large shipping crates from the landfill and convert them into storage space in my home shop.  The build, somehow, took most of the day.  I simple used a circ saw to cut out the doors and then cut 1x6s to length for the shelving.  I really don’t know why it took so long, but it did.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh, yeah.  Now I remember.  Because I had to put a load of stuff into the shelves!

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