6 thoughts on “This Week in the Shop: Nothin’s Perfect the First Time Through

  1. The small dovetail saw, japanese style. I hosed the set though. I made the last dovetail upside down (looong story). I have to cut all the sides down & rip the bottom of the tray to size if I want this tool tray done right.

  2. Better then my first try at it. I have taken to doing the prototype on scrap wood then the real one has helped me a bit. Look forwared to what seeing what you learned.

  3. Keep trying. With good practice, you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve.

    It looks as though you haven’t quite removed enough material on the shoulder line between the pins.

    1. Thanks Olly –

      I def didn’t remove enough material. I thought I had a decent chisel ready to go and found out half-way through the chisel was a dull as nashville country radio. I’ll be spending some time cleaning up the chisels & retrying the dovetails next week.

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