Tool Review: Marples’ Japanese Style Saws

Some new gear found its way into my home-shop.  I’ve recently bought the Marples/Irwin-branded version of this saw by Shark:


The manufacturer patterned this saw after Japanese ryoba saws.  Some quick thoughts – it has two saw blades.  The larger teeth (the 8ish ppi) side seems to excel at ripping, while the 17ppi side excels at cross-cutting.  I have no idea whether the saw was designed in this way, but that’s the way she works for me.  It’s two handed design allows the saw to cut quite fast and straight.  Bench hooks seem to be completely useless though, so to use one, I need a vise of some sorts to hold work steady.  I’m unsure if there’s a way to use this guy one-handed, similar to a Western saw, although there are pull-saws which are designed to do so.  If I had a perfect vise in the workshop at school, instead of the semi-decent stuff I have now, I might think about these in a classroom setting.  At the moment, I’ve found a replacement for my backsaw and toolbox saw.  In the home workshop.

I also picked up the dovetail pull-saw.  What a sweet little machine.  Here’s the saw,

Dovetail pull Saw

and a shot of a half-lap joint I cut with it. One comment.  The blade is semi-fragile.  I managed to kink it within a few hours of use.  I probably just wailed on it to hard.  So watch out.

The Dovetail Saw cut the two on the bottom. The top joint is the part I'm trying to replace.

I hope this puts a few new options in your saw sheath.  So you can be like Julis Ceaser.  You came, you saw, it fell in two.

Make it safe & keep the rubber side down this week.