This Week In the Shop: A Little Me Time

Just missed my flight to Boston, but on the upside, I get a little me time.  I’ve been working pretty steady this weekend.  I re-organizedthe workspace.  Before:

And then – a new storage bench and some rearranging:

That new bench is a salvaged office door, ripped in half and cut to needed lengths.  It weighs some 200+ lbs.  I have three more planks to use, so I’m thinking a new version of my bench that you see, but this one will have the mass not to shake during hand planing or lathe work.

I still had some time left over in my day.  Quickly whipped together a jig I’ve been dreaming about for a while: a saw guide.

Which’ll set up like this on the bench.

Pretty good for less than two hours of shop time.


Happy new year everyone!

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