This Week In the Shop: Dining Bench Made from Upcycled Bed Frame

The newest piece to walk out of my home workshop.  A dining bench up-cycled from a bed frame.  If you are interested in seeing plans, drop a line to me, my contact is… Continue reading

This Week in The Classroom: The Simple Coffee Table in Spalted Red Oak

Earlier in the year, the great folks at Canyon Mesquite donated a number of spalted red oak boards to make furniture out of.  It took a while, but we finally made some great… Continue reading

Making a Makerspace: Top Five Materials in an Educational Makerspace

This is part four in my “Making a Makerspace” series.  You can catch the other articles here. Makers use stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff.  Sylvia Libow Martinez & Gary Stager dedicated an… Continue reading

Tool Primer: How to Finish your Project: Penetrating Oils

This is the second Tool Primer article on finishing your woodworking project.  You can find Part One:  Sanding here. In this article I will discuss the finishes available for woodworking projects at most… Continue reading

This Week in the Classroom: Build Your Own CO2 Rocket Cars & Launching System

When I look at the popularity of CO2 rocket cars in STEM programs, its ubiquity and age hide a lot of potential for makers and project-based learning opportunities.  The biggest drawback, as I… Continue reading

Community Watch: TX/RX Labs’ New Woodshop Build

In a few short years, TX/RX has grown from a small collective to one of the largest hackerspaces in TX, if not the US.  It holds spring and fall semester classes in all… Continue reading

This Week in the Classroom: Aerial Photography via Balloon for Under $30

This quarter, my students have been building an incredible number of STEM-based projects in preparation for a show-and-tell science fair in March.  Every year, I often recycle two or three projects, assigning particular… Continue reading

This Week in the Classroom: The Simple Coffee Table

Some quick pictures of coffee tables that the kids and I built at school this fall.  We sold six of these pieces at $60 each as a fall fundraiser for my classroom.  With… Continue reading

How to Design a Project-Based Learning Unit (with Catapults & Derby Cars)

As a teacher of mostly teenage boys, I can say my kids want to see three things:  something on fire, something crashing, or something flying (and then crashing).  I love teaching middle-school science… Continue reading

Making a Makerspace: What Do We Make Here? Some Capabilities and Tools for Your Educational Makerspace

This is Part 3 in my Making a Makerspace series.  If this interests you, catch parts one and two. A makerspace is a space for a group of interesting and creative people to… Continue reading