This Week In the Classroom: Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

In the spirit of my saw guide, I had the opportunity this weekend to build a few jigs for future use.   In about twenty min, here they are: From front to back: A… Continue reading

This Week In the Classroom: To Sand or Not to Sand…

Returned to school last week with so much to do and catch up on (I did make it to Boston and missed a long day full of meetings and schedule-making).  I had several… Continue reading

This Week in the Classroom: Squiggle ‘Bots

Here’s a line on what pre-school should be – I actually thought I invented this project a few years ago when I worked with primary school-age kids in VA.  Obviously, I did not… Continue reading

This Week in the Shop: Kid’s Bed Design

Mulling over this design for my kid’s bed.  Any thoughts?  (It’s supoosed to be a tractor).  

This Week In the Shop: A Little Me Time

Just missed my flight to Boston, but on the upside, I get a little me time.  I’ve been working pretty steady this weekend.  I re-organizedthe workspace.  Before: And then – a new storage… Continue reading

This Week in the Shop: The Other Xmas Gifts

I never did get my wife an engagement ring when I should have six years ago now.  I finally picked up a diamond for her.  In order to make it a surprise and… Continue reading

This Week in the Shop: The EZPass Bracket

Put up an instructable (finally).  You can find it here. Meaning to get to this one.  It’s a bracket for the EZpass on my bike.  When I remove the tag itself, gives the… Continue reading

Community Watch: ReUsed Houses in East Texas

I’m in the middle of a relaxing and surprisingly productive Christmas break and before I show my son’s second XMas gift, I’d like to share my last field trip of the year. I… Continue reading

This Week in the Shop: Playhouse and How To Play in It

I just finished my son(s, I’m expecting another next month) Christmas gift: an outdoor playhouse. I used a router on table to create a half inch wide dado for the cedar edging. A… Continue reading

This Week in the Classroom: Mobile Base (The Volleyball Court)

Two weeks ago, my colleague and I had an interesting revelation.  While installing a basketball hoop, we had extra cement.  I had a shovel-ready stimulus bill waiting for him.  It looked something like… Continue reading

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