The Things they Carried (Cool Tools Everyday Carry Contest)

Kevin Kelly, editor of Wired magizine, runs an interesting blog on Cool Tools.  He recently held a contest looking for tools which are carried everyday.  This year, I’ve been refining my tool belt… Continue reading

Weather Stations, Web 2.0 Tools and John Merrow

This week, my colleague shanghaied one of my chalkboards for a weather station.  While the chalkboard & wind unit may not seem like much, The hand-held reader really catches a teacher’s eye. This… Continue reading

Teacher Tip: Use Pilot Holes for Hammering!

When installing finishing brads and nails, I usually chuck the nail into the bit and punch a hole through the lumber.  This results in a minimal hole (the length of the nail minus… Continue reading

A Quick Reminder – Keep Safe Today

This article from hit my inbox recently.  Woodshop, machine shop, handsaws and chisels can all cause injury and at times, death.  Constant vigilance and evaluation of our skills is the only way… Continue reading

Why I Sometimes Read Business Books (The Teacher As a Manager)

By kindle recently bit the dust and as I reloaded the half-read novels into the new one’s memory, I came acroos a book for business managers. In many business books, I’ve found lots… Continue reading

Teaching New Techniques in the Woodshop

In the Masterclass, I had the oppurtunity to bring out my rasps. What a successful technique for my students to make matched part! I usually have to show a technique two or three… Continue reading

TWITS: The Two-Month Punch List

I apologize for the lack of “this week in the shop” updates.  I am currently working out my to-finish list for the end of the year.  I’ve got a grades to enter this week,… Continue reading

Gear Review: Groz Planes

In the woodshop today, I spent some quality time with a set of 3 Groz planes.  The block plane (unsure what the Stanley No would be), the Jack Plane and their Jointer.  I’ve… Continue reading

How To Re-Plant Galveston Bay Saltgrass (Wetland Project)

My students and I took a little trip down to Baytown to participate in the harvesting of saltgrass for replanting in the Galveston Bay. The students learned a little about the destruction/erosion of… Continue reading

This Week in the Classroom: Setting Up the Classroom in Stations

Success in the classroom begins before the students even set foot in the workshop.  Yesterday saw the re-opening of school after a long Spring Break.  My “classroom” looked like this: Let’s take a closer… Continue reading

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